SmartDive ROV with UC&NL Navigation Systems
We equip our ROVs with underwater navigation systems. Such a system allows the ROV operator to better navigate underwater and complete their task successfully.

Depending on the customer's tasks, we use either Zima or RedNode system from the UC&NL lab.
Zima System

The Zima underwater acoustic positioning system is designed to determine in real time the horizontal angle and distance to underwater objects equipped with sonar transponder beacons.

A distinctive feature of this system is the so-called two-way navigation, a patented solution that allows you to determine the distance both at the base station and at the beacon, as well as transmit the azimuth angle of the base station to the beacon. The maximum communication range of the system is 8 km.
Zima Underwater Acoustic Positioning System
RedNode System
RedNode is an acoustic navigation receiver capable of calculating its absolute geographic position, depth and temperature. The device is supported by a long navigation base formed by four navigation buoys.
Small size and low power consumption, as well as ease of use and a navigation field of 700x700 meters make RedNode an ideal solution for ROVs.
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