Underwater Lights
The SmartDive underwater llight is designed to perform different tasks under water. It can be used by divers both as a personal portable flashlight and as a fixed permanent light source, for example, at the site of underwater works. In addition, the SmartDive light can be installed on various devices, such as ROVs, scooters or underwater video systems.

The small size of the light allows you to comfortably use it in the most difficult conditions, and a powerful LED provides a luminous flux of up to 5000 lumens.
SmartDive Light Main Features
Underwater Searchlight
To perform tasks that require a particularly powerful light source, we have developed the SmartDive underwater searchlight. It consists of four SmartDive LED lights connected together. A searchlight, as well as our flashlight, can be used in a variety of ways: as a stationary light source at the site of underwater works and as a diver's hand lamp. The searchlight is equipped with a power source that allows you to connect it both to the circuit or battery. Thanks to the total luminous flux of 20,000 lumens, you can work in the most dimly lit places.

SmartDive Underwater Light Test
We test all our flashlights in a pressure chamber at a depth of 150 meters. Also, our flashlights have passed more than one test in real conditions, working on all our underwater vehicles.
Order a SmartDive underwater light
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