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Remotely operated underwater vehicle
SmartDive ROV is designed for inspection and search operations. With the help of the broadcast video, operator can find various objects under water, as well as inspect bridge supports, hydraulic structures, ship bottoms, fishing nets and much more.
SmartDive ROV Highlights
Small dimensions (465x370x260 mm) and low weight (12 kg) allow the ROV to move underwater even in narrow spaces and make the underwater vehicle conveniently portable on land.
Powerful battery provides the ROV with up to 4 hours of autonomous work.

The ROV doesn't require any onshore power supply equipment, so it is truly autonomous. The operator's mobile workplace is also operated in an autonomous mode.
The maximum working depth of the ROV is 100 meters, optionally up to 300 m.

SmartDive ROV has six brushless thrusters. Two of them are for vertical movement, and four are for horizontal.

The maximum forward speed is 1.5 m/s (optionally up to 1.8 m/s).
FullHD Camera with wide viewing angle
The ROV has a FullHD camera with a 105° viewing angle. It is located on a tilt mechanism with an ±80° vertical deflection angle. Additionally, we can install a 4K camera.
Powerful and Adjustable Light
Basic configuration of the SmartDive ROV includes 2 LED lights with a total luminous flux of 10,000 lumens. We can additionally install 2 more lights increasing the total luminous flux to 20,000 lumens. The glow angle of each light underwater is 95°.

Operator can control the ights remotely: turn them on, off and change the luminous flux power.
SmartDive ROV Specification
SmartDive ROV Tests in the Arctic Ocean
Price of the SmartDive ROV
Basic equipment of SmartDive ROV
The basic set of the SmartDive ROV includes an underwater vehicle with a FullHD camera on a tilt mechanism, 2 LED-lights with a luminous flux of 10,000 lumens, a mechanical spool with a sliding contact, 150 meters of cable and control software.

To control the ROV you only need a laptop with an Ethernet connector and a joystick.
Mobile Operator's Workplace
The mobile operator's workplace includes a shockproof waterproof case, a laptop with a bright screen and a wireless joystick.
SmartDive ROV Custom Equipment
The SmartDive ROV is supplied in various configurations depending on the tasks of the customer.
Options with Additional Equipment
The ROV can be provided with additional equipment, such as 2 LED lights, 4K camera, electric spool with sliding contact, up to 300 meters of cable, VR glasses, leak sensor and more.
Custom Manufacture of the ROV
Depending on the tasks of the customer, we can design and manufacture a customized version of the ROV with unique characteristics (working depth, battery life, etc.) and attachments (manipulator, 360° sonar, thickness gauge, laser pointers, UV lamps, etc.).
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