About Us
SmartDive LDA (Portugal) develop and manufacture underwater equipment. Our company has a team of developers (engineers, designers, electronics engineers, programmers) and its own production. Our R&D center performs contract development in the sphere of custom design. Our portfolio contains 10+ large projects for various industries.

We love diving and technology. In the underwater industry, we create products using our expertise in the development of hi-tech devices. The technical expert of our company is Anton Zhuchkov, a well-known cave and technical diver. Anton has on his account more than a thousand dives and several thousand hours under water, more than a hundred dives for 100+ meters and dozens of dives for 150+ meters of depth, with penetration to several kilometers inside the caves. Anton is a member of the international cave teams Alfadivers (Germany) and XploraSub (Portugal) and participates in several major projects of underwater caves exploration in Europe and China.
Our partners
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