SmartDive Dealer Policy
We are looking for partners all over the world to make selling our products easier for everyone. If you are interested in becoming our dealer, please contact us!
How Do We Work
The Dealer can choose 2 ways of work with us: purchase equipment for his company with further sale to the customer directly or order the transaction to us, and receive an affiliate reward.
The Cost of Equipment and Services
The retail cost of the SmartDive equipment and additional services is presented here. Also in the document at the link you can calculate the individual configuration of our ROV.
Direct Sales
The Dealer buys SmartDive equipment with a 10% discount from the retail price. Then Dealer makes a deal with the Customer. The Dealer can sell the equipment at a price higher than the retail price.
Affiliate Sales
Affiliate reward equals from 10% to 15% of the retail value, depending on the purchased type of the equipment. It will be paid after the deal between the Manufacturer and the Customer is closed. The Dealer can sell training courses of the ROV piloting at any price negotiated with the Customer. Suggested retail price is at the link above.
As our dealer, you can order a SmartDive ROV for demonstration to customers for a special price. It would be a fully optioned ROV (specification). Having a demonstration ROV will help you understand more of its features and increase your sales.
Demo-ROV includes:
- SmartDive ROV (maximum depth: 150 meters, 6-engined vehicle with a detachable connection of ROV and a spool and 18 A*h battery);
- Mobile operator's workplace (laptop, wireless XBox gamepad, shockproof waterproof case);
- 4 LED-lights (each light has 5 000 lumens);
- Mechanical spool with a sliding contact;
- Kevlar reinforced cable (220 meters);
- Battery charger;
- Body leak sensor;
- Repair kit.

Special price, excl. VAT (25% discount) - € 9 800.
Standard delivery time is 3 months.
Delivery of equipment from a warehouse in Portugal is not included in the cost of equipment and is calculated individually.
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