SmartDive ROV Light Source Testing
For our ROV, we have designed and manufactured LED lights. And we started by testing and comparing different light sources. In the first photo is a wall in our office, on which we will direct the light.
In the next photo (from left to right): a 2000 lm LED, a 3500 lm LED and a regular 40 W light bulb.
First, we put together a test bench:
On the camera, we set the shutter speed to 1 to 10. And we got the following results (40 W light bulb, LED 2000 lm, LED 3500 lm):
Obviously, the brighter the better. It seems the choice is obvious. But firstly, we wanted to see with our own eyes the difference between different light sources (we saw). Secondly, the higher the brightness, the greater the power consumption. And for us, finding the optimal ratio is important, because our submersible is powered by a battery on board. Further tests have added many new inputs, which we will definitely tell you about.
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